Frank Ådahl och Trinity

Annie WikehultNews

An evening with Hope!
Hoppets Stjärna offers music together with Frank Ådahl and the choir Trinity.
An evening filled with joy!

September 14, 6 PM


Frank, former member of the Edin-Ådahl group. 
These won the melody festival in 1990 with the song 'Som en vind'
Nowadays Frank works as a teacher i.a. on the successful Musikmakarna.
In addition, Frank has figured as a musician, composer and producer behind a number of well-known artists. 
You also recognize his voice as the Lion King, Simba.

Carina has previously been project manager for a media education in Örnsköldsvik. 
For the past 13 years, Carina has worked as a meeting/concert booker for Frank and his brother Simon. 
Since 2015 also working in the sponsoring department for Hoppets Stjärna.